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Speaker Gloria Roberts


Gloria Roberts has dedicated her life to making Jesus REAL to others, through understanding what it means to have a personal relationship with Jesus, to use the gifts of the Spirit to experience a deeper prayer life, and awaken a new love for the sacraments, reading the scriptures, mass and Euacharistic amazement. Since her own "Baptism in the Spirit" in 1978 Gloria has been inspired to boldly evangelize and share a message of Victory and Hope through the "Empowerment of the Spirit". This began a lifelong journey and passion to help others rediscover the Holy Spirit within the Catholic Faith in a new and dynamic way! Since her healing from a crippled leg, God has used her to bring back many to their Catholic faith, to pray for spiritual, physical, mental and emotional healing, and to equip others for anointed ministry. She's excited to share with her Catholic brothers and sisters, that Jesus heals today just as he did 2000 years ago!

A native Tucsonian and cradle Catholic, she grew up knowing the Lord from a very early age. Her family life was based on three strong mindsets...their Hispanic heritage, military lifestyle and devout Catholic Faith. Although very active in the church till her late teens the lure of the world became stronger and she slowly removed herself farther from the church and its teachings until her conversion back to the Catholic Church 4 years later, when she attended a Lenten mission.

Shortly afterwards she was introduced to the Charismatic Renewal and awakened to a "personal relationship" with Jesus! This new found love for God would begin her journey back to the church. However it would be her miraculous healing at a prayer meeting that led her to discover the "Power of the Holy Spirit" within her Catholic faith! Since that time, she has spoken throughout the Diocese of Tucson and her ministry of evangelization began. Since 1978 she has testified to the Glory of God at conferences, prayer groups, bible studies, lenten missions, Magnificat breakfasts, and retreats. As a Youth Minister for eight years, she was also able to inspire youth and group leaders!
In Acts 1:8 Jesus said "You will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes upon you and you will be my witnesses...! Taking these words to heart... in 2000 Gloria's passion for the Lord and evangelization led her, along with a friend, to begin a Womens Retreat Ministry. Gloria and her sister in Christ, Erin Blanchette developed and established a dynamic and Spirit filled ministry known as Vine of Grace! Together she and Erin designed a format to inspire women to awaken to a "new life in the Spirit"! For 10 years after its creation they Co-Directored, designed retreats and ministered to women throughout the Diocese. It was through this experience that the Gifts of the Spirit were strengthened and matured and in 2010, Gloria was led by the Spirit into other avenues of ministry.

Today, 39 years later, the fire of the Spirit still remains strong as she pursues fulltime speaking, and currently leads the committee and their monthly prayer meeting for the Charismatic Renewal for the Diocese of Tucson. In October of 2017 Gloria will also take over as the Coordinator for the Tucson Chapter of Magnificat! Blessed with the gifts of exhortation and motivational speaking, Gloria, deeply rooted within her Catholic faith, gives open, honest sharings, not only of her remarkable physical healing but of Gods grace to heal a broken soul! She shares from her many real life experiences with teenage pregnancy, alcoholism, divorce, and the death of a spouse; to surviving breast cancer, and former drug addicted children. Her bold and straight forward message allows her to break down walls of shame, pain and depression and will inspire you to believe that miracles are still possible today!!!
Gloria resides in Tucson Arizona with her husband Barry. They have 3 grown, married children, Angela 42, Gilbert 35 and Jeremy 31, as well as 10 grandchildren.

Having dedicated her life to witnessing for Christ, Gloria is open to speak at your event, retreat, conference or group. To schedule a speaking engagement you can contact her at or call directly at 520-237-7060.

Comments from those who have heard her speak:

"Gloria Robert's testimony of phenomenal healing after the laying of hands prayer was outstanding and humble. Gloria has also related her understanding of the Gifts of the Holy Spirit in a greatly discerning way giving God the glory, and zeroed in on the necessity of hearing from God if called upon to pray for others."
Sandy and George D., Prayer Group Leaders, Tucson Az.

"She radiates the fire of the Holy Spirit while sharing her conversion story - a truly amazing testimony of God's love and mercy!
Gail P. Director of Rachels Vineyard, Tucson AZ

Gloria speaks in a passionate, heartfelt way about her love for Jesus Christ. It is obvious that she in in love with him, and her love for him emanates from her soul. To listen to Gloria, is to catch a glimpse of what it is like to love Jesus with your whole heart. Her stories and her knowledge of scripture help to guide the sojourner closer to Christ."
Janna T. Catholic Liturgical Musician

Gloria Roberts is a woman of great faith. She loves the Lord and speaks with great conviction, enthusiasm, and great excitement. I highly recommend Gloria as a speaker."
Fr. Liam Leahy, Our Mother of Sorrows Catholic Church, Tucson Az.

Gloria has touched me and many as she gives witness through the power of the Holy spirit, lives have changed in ways that are Miraculous . Gloria Spoke at 3 of our Magnificat Tucson Breakfasts over the last 25 years .She gave witness to the power of the Holy spirit to heal and restore the Broken hearted."
Elizabeth C. Magnificat Coordinator , Diocese of Tucson

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